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The robotics club at school is unhappy because they have failed to build a robot strong enough to participate in the competition that is coming up when they are approached by Xros Heart’s old pal, Puppetmon, who offers them the chance to be part of the bigger project. The next day, when being told to deliver a letter to Tokio, who is not there Tokio, Tagiru learns from Taiki that all the other members of the robotics team are absent from school. Worried that it might be Digimon related, the two of them Yu accompanied him to the house in Tokyo, only to find him working on some equipment. Gumdramon freezes and hides behind Tagiru when he hears the name Shoutmon. As he informs Tagiru that it’s not the Digimon King himself.

Tagiru struggles to survive despite having Gumdramon Super Evolve, DigiXros with MetalTyrannomon, and Taiki with Shoutmon. Taiki pushes back Sagomon before becoming OmegaShoutmon. DigiXrosing with Dorulumon assists Arresterdramon. Taiki and Tagiru encounter a spooky shadow behind the abductions and disappearances of students: Salomon. Tagiru, Taiki, and Yu defeat Sagomon and gather his data. They then return to the Real World together with the missing students. They are unable to remember anything about their time in DigiQuartz. Attracted by Taiki’s level, Tagiru returns to DigiQuartz to start the new Hunt. Tagiru and Gumdramon lose to MetalTyranomon. Tagiru then learns how to Super Evolve Digivolve, Gumdramon to Arresterdramon, and then defeat it. Salomon takes on Gumdramon before Tagiru and Tagiru are saved by one of the three children, Ryoma Mogami.

After being yelled at by Shoutmon and praised for finding a partner in his hunt, Gumdramon vows that he will catch up to his opponent before Tagiru and DigiQuartz run back to DigiQuartz to begin the new Hunt. Taiki and Shoutmon fight Puppetmon, who does not remember them and launches GigaBreakdramon against them. After transferring MetalTyranomon’s data to his Xros Loader, which Tagiru did not expect, Taiki and Yu see Taiki Yu. Before they begin discussing the situation, Shoutmon contacts Taiki via his Loader. When this happened, Taiki went to the alley where Tagiru bought his Xros Loader. There, Tagiru met the Old Clock Store owner kawaii clothes and his Digimon Clockmon. After returning to the real world, locating that Digimon can be reloaded out of the doors of dig quartz, the girl learns of Taiki and Yu’s previous experience with Digimon one year prior.