Creating Safe Environments: Unleashing the Potential of Safety Glass Walls

Safety glass walls provide peace of mind and enhance a property. This is achieved by strengthening standard windows and doors with laminated panes that can withstand external forces.

Homes in remote areas surrounded by luscious forests and lookout vistas can also benefit from movable glass walls with bear-resistant handles and multi-point tamper-resistant locks. Forced entry tests have been conducted on NanaWall systems, and they have successfully passed.

Soundproof Folding Glass Walls

Choosing the right soundproof glass walls is all about understanding your requirements, including STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings, decibel levels and more. While there is no glass that will provide 100-percent sound blockage, you can achieve STC levels between 31 and 45 through various strategies.

A key to sound control in glass walls is the gap between lites. The more space between the lites, the greater the STC rating. To minimize gaps, consider sound-enhanced laminated glass or double IG (insulated glass units) in your project.

STC levels are also affected by thickness. Thicker lites generally result in higher STC ratings than thinner lites. In addition to reducing gaps, STC ratings can be increased through the use of special acoustic interlayers. For example, PVB or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) adhesives harden to sandwich the lites together, increasing STC ratings.

For an easy-to-use solution, choose a motorized glass wall system like Modernfold’s Acousti-Clear. This system uses a track that sets both top and bottom seals when advancing a panel. This eliminates the need for cranks to turn or buttons to push, making opening and closing effortless. The system also uses a deep-nested tongue and grove configuration for vertical interlock, stability and a better sound seal. Lastly, the system features a clear anodized architectural aluminum track and carrier for lasting performance.

Acoustic Folding Glass Walls

Whether you need to increase privacy or create an open and collaborative work environment, glass walls offer the flexibility of moving between spaces with varying degrees of acoustical protection. Willco’s acoustical operable walls are engineered for aesthetics and durability and can be manually or automatically operated. Willco offers a full line of acoustic glass wall systems from Skyfold, Modernfold and others to meet your needs.

Adding acoustical protection to glass walls can be achieved with various materials including monolithic, laminated and insulated. Monolithic glass has a clear appearance and is the most common choice, however it has limited sound transmission capabilities. Laminated glass has a plastic interlayer that provides greater sound attenuation. This interlayer also helps to keep the glass together in the event of breakage.

Insulated glass has an additional layer of foam or insulation in between the panes which adds to the acoustic performance of the wall system. To demonstrate how effective this is, Dustin hits the glass and demonstrates how it breaks but still remains in place due to the interlayer.

Double Glazed Folding Glass Walls

Bring in fresh air, natural light and a view of the water to your home with a glass wall. This beautiful addition allows your space to expand into a lanai or deck and can truly transform the living experience in your home. It can even increase your property value. Research has shown that exposure to nature can improve mood and sleep quality.

Moving glass walls are an excellent choice for homes with open floor plans because they offer a happy medium of protection and privacy. They allow a clear sightline, but can be closed to block out noise and provide a sense of separation when needed.

A movable glass wall offers a modern and sleek design that can be integrated into a wide variety of designs. They are also available in a range of finishes to suit your taste.

A double glazed glass wall is an excellent choice for a modern and energy efficient solution to your project. This system features two panes of flush-mount glass for maximum daylight transmission and superior acoustic performance. It is designed to integrate seamlessly into your building, reducing risk and schedules while increasing cost certainty. It is engineered to fit your base building variance and acoustic requirements to ensure your glass walls will meet your needs for years to come.