Elevate Your Gifting Game with Golden Artwork Treasures

The artists whose work is featured in GOLD use gold to explore ideas about transformation, beauty and spirituality. Carlos Betancourt photographs objects that belong to friends and family, then re-contextualizes them as symmetrical golden totems that reflect his Taino heritage.

Golden Mean only opened in March, but owner Grace Milligan has long dreamed about the artist-focused gift shop. She credits the store’s name to the Golden Ratio principle, which she believes represents balance and art.

Abstract Expressionism

Abstract expressionist pieces are not only hot on the art market, but they continue to resonate with contemporary creatives. From the innovative dripping technique of Jackson Pollock to the soak and stain paintings Qua tang doanh nghiep of Helen Frankenthaler, these pieces are sure to have a lasting effect on the recipient. Moreover, abstract expressionism motifs are starting to pop up in the works of NFT artists – affirming its relevance today.

Remember, the perfect piece of art can take time to find and may need a few weeks to create and ship so plan accordingly. The right artwork can fill your loved ones brain with dopamine and endorphins making it a thoughtful and memorable gift that will be treasured.

Gold Enamel on Canvas Paintings

Many modern watercolor paintings or traditional oil-based works feature gold leaf. This adds a shimmer to your painting and elevates it to a regal status. Some artists also gild the entire canvas before adding paint to create a very luminous piece of art. Many ancient Egyptians and Chinese dynasties used gold to adorn their artwork. Whether you use a gold leaf stencil or apply gold leaves by hand, it is easy to achieve this effect with the right supplies.

Before you begin gilding, be sure that your surface is completely dry and clean of dust and dirt. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or cheesecloth to clean up any excess gold leaf before it can fall off. This also helps prevent accidental rippling of the gold leaf. Once your gold leaf is fully applied and cured, brush it with a varnish that includes UV protection to keep the gold from tarnishing.

You can purchase gold leaf sheets in a variety of sizes and colors, from imitation to pure 24-karat. Mona Lisa Speedball has high-quality gold leaf sheets, as well as gold leaf adhesive and a sealant for your finished work. Choose the color of your gold leaf based on what will look best with your painting’s subject.