Poker gambling tips

So we’re playing cards, and I thought this was a good opportunity to do a little lesson on some vocabulary with cards, right? So my brother, Jon, he just DEALT a hand. This is a HAND of cards, right?

What’s going on, Jon. Well, I’m gonna pass it off to Jameson, so he gets to make the first move. Alright, Jameson- wait- so are — do we have WILD CARDS this time? Yeah it was 10s. 10s are WILD. What does WILD CARD mean?

Wild means it can be used for any card, it can take the place of any other card. Okay so 10 can be anything that I want? Correct, so if you have a 2, 3, 5, 6, you could make 10 be that card missing in between. Okay, great.

Okay Jameson, okay umm, I’ll raise it 7. You’ll raise it 7, what does RAISE mean? Uhh, make the price higher.

Make the bet bet— Make the bet higher- 7 you’re raising it 7? Wow, he either has a really good HAND, or he doesn’t wanna play anymore. Really good hand- hand- alright- here’s my hand- this is my hand. So I will SEE your 7, so see your 7. What does SEE mean in this case? I’m just matching.

Okay, you’re equaling 7- yes- okay you can’t call it. When you bet what does call it mean. CALLING IT means that we’re done betting, and everybody shows their cards. But it can’t be called until it gets around once. Okay, so right now just so you guys know we’re betting UNO CARDS as the currency.

So I’m going to SEE your 7 and I’m gonna raise you— I can’t — I can’t – I can’t put any more cards in. I’m GOING TO call it. (“I’m uh-nuh call it”) Wait but Jon hasn’t gone yet. Never mind.

I’m gonna FOLD. FOLD? What does FOLD mean? Fold means I’m out, I know I’ve lost, I don’t wanna challenge.

Okay I’ll call it. Okay I think you’re BLUFFING, what does BLUFF mean? Kind of like faking it, lying.

Yeah it means you’re lying, you bluff, so we say this in real life in other situations too. He’s BLUFFING. Poker Face.

Poker Face, what does Poker Face mean? Poker Face is when you don’t show people what is in your hand. You’re not showing any emotions so nobody can tell what you’re thinking or if you have a good hand or a band, you just have a straight face. Or maybe you’re smiling with a bad hand, or frowning with a good hand. Yeah, alright, so DO I HAVE TO SHOW FIRST? (“Du-I-fta Show First”) Yeap, you show first.

3 aces. 3- 3 aces. As you can see, he had 2 aces, but 10 is wild. so it becomes a 3rd ace. Okay so wait, oh 10’s wild, that’s right, so I have 4 sixes. 4 sixes.

Oh what is that called. He had 3 sixes, but a 10 makes 4 sixes. So that’s 4 of a Kind. 4 of a Kind. Sara, what do you have? I have 2 pairs.

Both those beat my hand. So show your 2 pairs. I have 2 eights and 2 threes and my hand’s a losing hand. Those – both those 2 hands beat my hand. So Justin’s hand beats Jameson’s hand, and both hands beat Sara’s hand. So Justin wins all these Uno Cards.

What did you have Jon? I had nothing. Oh that’s right you folded.

Okay 2 more things, just really quickly, 2 other words- what happens when we’re starting a game- what are you about to do, Jon. I’m about to shuffle- shuffle the cards- so I shuffle them, and then I’ll deal them, and then when somebody wants to play, what do they have to do. They have to ANTI UP. ANTI UP means you have to put your money in.

We’ll start with one in if we wanna play. Alright so that- I think that does it for today. That’s a nice interesting poker lesson with all this vocabulary related to playing cards with my family on New Years, so take care. Aww yeah.

Aww Yeah! !